New Faces at Kidston Law: Welcoming Lindsey Richardson and Jaicee Payette

Jaimie Kidston Law Office, nestled in the heart of the Okanagan region, has been a beacon of legal excellence for years. Founded by Jaimie Kidston, the firm has carved a niche for itself through delivery of high-quality legal advice and courtroom prowess. Over the years, Jaimie Kidston Law Office has navigated complex legal landscapes, achieving remarkable milestones and setting standards in the legal community.

A Glimpse into Jaimie Kidston Law Office’s Service Spectrum

At Jaimie Kidston Law Office, the range of services offered is a testament to the firm’s commitment to addressing the multifaceted legal needs of its clients. Here’s a deeper look into their areas of expertise:

  • Estate Litigation: With over ten years focusing on estate litigation, addressing the complexities of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act and of family relationships, Jaimie Kidston is one of the leading lawyers in this area in the province.
  • Construction and Employment Disputes: Navigating the complexities of construction laws and employment rights, Kidston Law has been at the forefront of resolving disputes, ensuring that justice is served and clients’ rights are upheld.
  • Foreclosure Law: The firm stands as a pillar of support for clients, guiding them through legal procedures and ensuring that their rights and assets are protected.
  • Personal Injury, Accident & Sexual Assaults: Advocating for victims and ensuring they receive rightful compensation, Jaimie Kidston Law Office has built a reputation for its compassionate and robust representation in personal injury cases.
  • First Nations Law: With a deep understanding of issues faced by indigenous clients, the firm offers expert counsel and representation in matters related to First Nations communities and their unique legal challenges.
  • Corporate, Commercial & Business Disputes: From startups to established enterprises, Jaimie Kidston Law Office offers comprehensive legal solutions for businesses, addressing disputes, contracts, mergers, and more.
  • Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration: Recognizing that not all disputes need to be settled in court, the firm offers alternative dispute resolution services, facilitating innovative solutions through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.
  • Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate: Ensuring that clients’ legacies are preserved and wishes are honoured, Jaimie Kidston Law Office provides expert counsel in estate planning, will drafting, Power of Attorney, representation agreements, and probate procedures.
  • Equine Law: the firm offers an experienced lens in equine law, addressing matters related to horse ownership, breeding, sales, and more.

Each of these services is delivered with the hallmark Jaimie Kidston Law Office touch – a combination of expertise, dedication, and a solutions-based approach.

Continued Growth and Dedication to the Community

Jaimie Kidston Law Office’s dedication to excellence and community service sets the stage for the firm’s latest exciting chapter: the introduction of two new dynamic lawyers who are poised to further elevate and expand the firm’s services.

Lindsey Richardson: A Passion for Law and Wine

Lindsey Richardson, a native of the Okanagan, has always felt a deep connection to the region. Before embarking on her legal journey, Lindsey spent over six years immersed in the Okanagan wine industry. Her passion for wine led her to obtain the WSET Level 3 Certification in Florence, Italy.

Transitioning from vineyards to courtrooms, Lindsey pursued her Juris Doctor from Thompson Rivers University. Throughout her law school journey, she gained invaluable experience working at Jaimie Kidston Law Office. Now, as a fully-fledged lawyer, Lindsey focuses on civil litigation, family law, personal injury and sexual assault survivors, wills, estates, and corporate matters. Beyond her professional achievements, such as her contribution to an Estate Law paper in 2021, Lindsey cherishes moments outdoors with her spouse and daughter, preferably accompanied by a good cheese board.

Jaicee Payette: From Dance Floors to Courtrooms

Jaicee Payette’s roots run deep in the Okanagan. After a brief stint away to complete her law degree and articling year, Jaicee returned to her beloved hometown. She obtained her Juris Doctor in May 2022 from Thompson Rivers University and honed her skills at a prominent firm in Vancouver.

Jaicee’s areas of expertise span estate litigation, wills & estates, family law, small claims, and general civil litigation. She has made notable contributions to various legal publications, showcasing her dedication to the profession. Before her legal pursuits, Jaicee was a dance instructor in Lake Country, BC, and she remains an active member of the Okanagan dance community. When she’s not advocating for her clients, Jaicee enjoys exploring the region’s wineries and embracing the great outdoors.

The Future of Kidston Law

With the addition of Lindsey Richardson and Jaicee Payette, Jaimie Kidston Law Office is poised for a new era of growth and excellence. Their diverse experiences and backgrounds will undoubtedly enrich our firm’s offerings and enhance our ability to serve our clients. We invite you to reach out and experience the expertise and passion our new team members bring to the table.

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